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The latter; however, is stout; that No. Michael, I'll dig out my shot shell data book and get back to ya in the morning. The ammunition manufacturers are also no doubt aware of the laws of supply and demand. We fired all Buckshot Load Data From for. 00 buckshot, people sometimes choose 0 buck because it has more pellets than 00 buck. 5" · 12 Gauge 3. I have a few of their manuals including the mighty 10, buckshot reloading, and hevy shot reloading. If a specific slug only penetrates 14”-18” then I wouldn’t hesitate to use it for self defense. Hornady Heavy Magnum® Coyote 12 Gauge Buckshot Shotshells $ 13 99 $1. Winchester Super-X Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Buffered #1 Buckshot 16 Pellets This particular buckshot load is ideal for predator hunting or as a self defense round. A 12 gauge is all fine and good for a person used to recoil, however it may be prudent to have a 16 or 20 gauge if your wife, daughter or little fella needs some help keeping an intruder at bay. People, I did some informal testing with a couple of different 12 gauge 00 buckshot loads a while back (patterning, mostly), and then I just did some informal penetration testing with a couple of different slugs this past weekend (firing them through square aluminum metal tubing, aircraft aluminum plate metal, a steel automobile wheel and a car I'm a huge 10 gauge fanboy. This extruded flake powder is ideally suited for shotshells in 12- and 16-gauge where clay target and light field loads are the norm. For many years this was a popular deer hunting load in the Deep South. Even though the load data doesn't exist. , and . 410. 10 Gauge buckshot is exceptionally powerful. just cant find any data on this load although I hear ALOT of people use this combo. 1925 oz. 00/box Remington 16ga ammo appear to be gone for good now, so I’ll be exploring different hulls and wads. 10 round box - 12 Gauge 2 Inch 6-pellet 00 Buckshot Nobelsport Ammo ANS12200BK10 . We also offer Hornady Buckshot and Flex tip. Buckshot at 10 yards. 75” #4 Buckshot 21-pellet 3) Winchester Universal 2. Last up is load data from Accurate Reloading Powders, but there’s really not much to say about it. This manual has recipes for just about any type of buckshot load you may be looking for and the loads from this manual out perform anything factory loaded! Load Data | The Best Reloading Manual Online SHOTGUN SEARCH RESULTS 10 Gauge: 10 Gauge 3 1/2" Bismuth Shot Fewer, larger-sized pellets, called buckshot, are designed for use with large fur-bearing game and deer Buckshot loads typically have a smaller payload of shot (6 to 10 pellets) Smaller-sized "birdshot" pellets, including #4, #5 and higher, are tiny pellets used for hunting small game and fowl 10 Gauge (Lyman Buckshot Data) : 3 1/2" Remington Plastic Shells 1/4" Plastic Basewad, Fold Crimp: Warning! Notes: Source: Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook 5th Edition Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. i basicly cut the shell down to length. shot, listing 11,200psi and 1440fps. 715” diameter round ball topped off with three size 0000 (. com, contains three . But understand that BPI produces that load data partially as a sales tool for their components. 4 Buck to . It doubles as an excellent pistol target powder for such cartridges as the 38 Special, 45 ACP and many more. seat wad in, then i use the resizing ring as a "lifter" place under hull to start a small crimp (about halfway) then i move it to the crimping station. The days of $5. If economical is the route you want to go we have the My friend recently purchased a Mossberg 590 Shockwave in 20-gauge. The rule of thumb for an un-choked shotgun firing buckshot is: first three yards no spread, after that 1 inch dispersion per yard. The word “pellet Jun 14, 2011 · I've got about 2,000 once-fired 2 3/4" Cheddite hulls (Mostly Rio and Centurion with some Kent and PMC). Fiocchi Munizioni was born in 1876 in Lecco, Italy, and has been in the USA since 1983. I have found empty plastic hulls with high brass base, But I need to find out what length to trim the spent hulls to in order to be able to get them to seat correctly in the weird chamber sizing of 2 9/16"(I think, or maybe its 2 7/8"). We had a lot of data on the 12-gauge guns and nothing on the 20, so we decided to take a look at a few different loads. add powder. Sep 07, 2011 · Final cost for each round came out to $0. But the data is for Black Powder ffg and is by weight. Even loaded up some lead loads to shoot trap with it a few times just for fun. We offer the new Aguila Minishell in #7. I'd like to load up a bunch of 00 Buck for long-term storage, but I'm having a heck of a time finding a recipe. T158A. Winchester. All components should be new and exactly what is listed in the data. I. No. 729). 380” dia. Looking to get loaded up on the 10 Gauge shotgun shells you need? We have everything from buck to birdshot, even that buckshot you want at cheap prices! This site has NO responsibility for any reloading data submitted by contributors. Fish and Wildlife Service approved load waterfowl hunting load. When considering 0 buckshot vs. At 1300 fps for the 12 gauge load, and 1200 fps for the 20 gauge load, Heavy Magnum ® Turkey ammunition allows hunters to achieve lethal results out to 50 yards. Our advanced technology using high quality components Experience shows that the slower ignition and lower peak pressures of the coarse powders give more even and consistent patterns in most guns. They are also a U. 22/20 gauge combination guns! Anybody here reloading buckshot I need loads that are about 1300fps. 1800 fps with 2 1/4 ounce of steel sounds way out of the 10's capacity. 10 gauge magnums to the lightest small-bore target There is a difference in hull capacity. General Discussion. If you are going to load steel shot try Alliant Steel powder and Reloading Specialties Sam 1 wads for top performance in 10 Gauge. 10 Gauge (Lyman  Loads, . Nov 21, 2004 · 1 3/4 ounce of steel at 1300 fps is generaly as heavy as you can push in steel with a 10 gauge. containers. I can load twelve 0000 Super Buckshot (2 1/4 ounces) in a 10-gauge new Federal 3 1/2 shell. Select your gauge from the drop-down list. My 10-gauge I can load with tungsten blend shot for $75 a box of 25, including buying hulls. The world’s best MSR 15 cartridge just got better. In fact, Federal’s nine-pellet Personal Defense 00 buckshot load delivers 1,575 foot-pounds of energy (fpe) at the muzzle, which is about three times the energy of a . There are some load data available for the 10 ga that really makes it perform w Feb 25, 2017 · I'm shooting Winchester Double X three and a half inch 2 ounce 5 shot turkey loads. Tips and techniques from the pros at MEC will make your loading sessions more productive. For a benchmark, let’s establish that the average 12-gauge gun/load/recoil combination is a 7. With No. I think companies use high brass to tell people it is a high powered load. 2 high-speed duck load is going to seem like a picnic in comparison. 33 caliber ball. Then select your shell, load type, shot weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. Garden guns Keep in mind that the manufactures will be more inclined to bump up production of buckshot and slugs this summer/early fall to supply hunting season. I have a 10 ga BPS and reload for it. Only . Welcome to the site,kingofnapier. The Tri-Ball II buckshot round from Dixie Slugs,www. Load Data Business Cards $ 9. 5 Shot, Buckshot or Slug. The test medium was a single, water-soaked phonebook (see the page “Phone Book Ballistics”). 20-Gauge Shotgun Load Performance Data This data must be used only with IMR Smokeless Powders. See also. I wouldn't even venture a guess as to how many deer I've killed, or seen killed with a load #1 buck. In addition to 10 gauge shotgun shells, we also carry all other gauges of shotgun ammo, as well as rifle ammunition and pistol ammunition. I reload buckshot for self defense and coyotes . 260" buckshot. 360) is in 12 gauge (. May 20, 2010 · The 10 gauge went almost extinct because of recoil, but they sneaked in a 12 gauge round with the same recoil for all the "mine is bigger than yours" gun owners, of which there are plenty. TSS is some wicked stuff in a shotgun. The Australian system is similar, except that it has 00-SG, a small-game shell filled with 00 buckshot. Includes all the latest innovations in pellet materials, including plated lead, ITX Shot, steel, and Hevi-Shot. com 224 Valkyrie. using my lee load all. deprime reprime like normal. Hello Lads, I hope you can give me some information on My Remington 1889 10 Gauge. A 12 gauge load of 9 no. This ammo type is actually pretty versatile and can be used for quite a few applications, such as home defense, feeding your family or protecting livestock. The test gun is a Remington 870 Express with an 18. I am wanting to load 12 gauge with 00 buck. 107-ounce payload, plus wad and powder 000 buckshot, also known as triple aught buck, has one of the largest diameter pellet sizes found on the market today, making it great for both hunting and personal defense. Hi I was hoping to get help with 10 gauge 0000 buckshot load data. 2 5/8. Identify popular shotshell cases. Custom smoothbore guns in gauges other than 20 and 12 are available and plenty of old original muzzle loading shotguns are still being used. For the amount of buckshot you would use I think I would just purchase the buckshot and not cast any but that is up to you. Loads for slugs and buckshot are included. We use a strict roundness tolerance of +. Don't want to buy any reloading manuals, just looking for free reloading data from a reliable source. next remove all petals from wad. In addition to 12 gauge shotgun shells, we also carry all other gauges of shotgun ammo, as well as rifle ammunition and pistol ammunition. Winchester is continuing a shotshell manufacturing pedigree of quality and innovation that extends back to 1886. 410 gauge, 10 gauge or 28 gauge. The 12 gauge Shotshell Reloading Tutorial Introduction If you shoot a lot of skeet, trap, sporting clays, or clay pigeons that means you shoot a lot of ammo too. Check out our 10 Gauge Buck Shot Ballistics Chart and 10 Gauge Steel Ballistics Chart for firing specifics. Short-range patterns in smoothbore barrels are tight and effective for one-shot confidence. 27 caliber and 18 pellets in the charge. Sep 27, 2017 · Five different 12 gauge shotgun shells every sportman should own. uk that you offer a . I have a Lee Loader II, but do not understand 10 Gauge ammo shotgun buckshot AmmoSeek. The wood and metal are in great condition considering the age, Metal is a brown patina overall. Then at 50, the #00 was penetrating about where the #1 was at 25. A quick scan of prices at my local sporting goods store revealed boxes of 3-inch, 20-gauge shells retailing for $3 to $5 less than 3-inch, 12-gauge boxes, and about $10 less than the 3 ½-inch, 12-gauge. I just bought a case of Federal 209A primers and need 12 gauge load data that is specific to this primer. I get my Alliant powder load data from the alliant website: The very best prices for in-stock 10 Gauge Ammo shotgun 00-Buck shot | Best 10 Gauge Ammunition shotgun 00-Buck shot - AmmoSeek. Ballistic Products. 75 inch, 3 inch, and 3. There are no plans to produce a Load-All II in . We have also included a Mar 21, 2018 · ATK was kind enough to supply 12-gauge fodder for the test. 410 Gauge (Lyman Data), 10 Gauge, 10 Gauge (Alliant Data), 10 Gauge (Hodgdon Data), 10 Gauge (IMR Data), 10 Gauge (Lyman Buckshot Data) ,  10 Gauge Loading Guide and Data: 141 loads Exclusively 10 gauge load Typographical Correction: The 10ga fold-crimped lead buckshot loads on pg. Truly, the shotgun (usually the family’s most popular brother, the 12 gauge) needs no justification for popularity among knowledgeable law enforcement, military, and civilians. Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie. 75” #8 Birdshot. Buckshot. So if you are looking for high-performance lead shot data for the Federal 20S1 wad, go to Hodgdon's load data site. of IMR SR7625, and all other components are the same as above. 410ga. Easily cast up. 36 inches in a 000 buck round, depending on the shell size and manufacturer. Click "Get Data" to view results. In this video I show how I reload buckshot for my 20 gauge mossberg 500c. I specifically chose the company’s Federal Premium Maximum load with nine pellets of 00 buckshot. by Guy Sagi - Thursday, The load’s pattern (at 10 yards) was double the size of the TAP load. Find what you need in six easy steps. I use a black "china marker". Ballistic Products Inc's "Advantages" manual is the very best source for high-performance data, bar none. com You can load anything you want in trap shells. They mis some buffer witht he shot. Winchester Super X was by a wide margin, the most popular buckshot load, but when the Federal Premium copper plated buckshot hit the market, that's what most guys switched to. This power is not exclusive to bird shot. Rich pointed you to the best place on the net for 10 gauge data. 5" · 12 Gauge 3" · 20 Gauge 3" · Ammunition We offer turkey and predator loads using either Hevi-Shot® pellets or copper plated lead shot. Sep 04, 2019 · Why? The 12 gauge generates a lot less recoil than the 10 gauge, and 2¾-inch ammo has more than enough power for defense. But this thing kicks like a mule. Our NEW 12-gauge loads include standard 9-pellets and managed recoil 8-pellets of 00 buckshot to maximum shotgun effectiveness. While 20-gauge isn’t as popular as 12, ammunition tends to be abundant- that is if you are looking for shot shells. An expanded non-toxic data section contains how-to-load instructions for steel, bismuth and Hevi-Shot. When I do the conversion to grains: 2. Have the same set up only with 28gr of Longshot and 1 1/8oz. Avoid for self-defense. It also feature's Hornady's Versatite wad for tight patterns. Winchester offers a 10 gauge load with size 4 Buck (54 pellets). i have a small metal adapter i made that i Nitro Company Ammunition manufactures superior shotgun shells for 10ga. 410 slug. 1 at a These Winchester® AA® X-tra Light Target Load Shotshells are designed to give you outstanding clay-busting performance in sporting clays, trap and skeet-all at a highly competitive, value price. TSS salesman and people that load guard that info with there life. It was about 14-ish inches on the #1 and around 18 on the #00. Vectan Reloading Data Becoming Graf & Sons What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. Shotgun load data is a lot more picky than rifle or handgun data. 5 drams = 68. The 12-gauge, 2-3/4" shells have an eight-pellet load of 00 buckshot that produces a 1,600 fps muzzle velocity. I've used this load with T buck and it's hell on yote's out to 75 yds. Translated I can load 6 rounds of my "00" buckshot for what a single round of factory buckshot would cost me. That said if you want it buy it. 24 caliber for No. Muzzle Velocity 20 Yds. BOX OF 25. 0 grains of Blue Dot Winchester 209 primer Velocity was 1080 fps (if I were to use fillers I'd likely see better velocities) Federal Plastic using Remington RP12 Wad Welcome to. One should be able to simply replace the birdshot with a similar buckshot load with no other change to the load. You might be surprised to know that the ten gauge was known mostly for versatility and as an excellent upland gun in the early 20th century. The 20-gauge bore is about 0. But what if Load Data Manuals Lee Load-All II Conversion Kit 12ga. When it comes to buckshot size, there are typically eight pellets with a diameter of . With a good set of tested Hornady Buckshot is cold swaged using a lead alloy hardened with antimony to prevent deformities after firing. The finished shell may be rendered watertight by painting the wad and crimp with shellac, or hot wax, or cheap nail polish, or water glass, or whatever. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. Nice Shot Reloading Data: 10 Gauge. Pick a load from your chosen load book and get exactly what it lists. Buckshot Molds (3) Double X is the preferred shotshell for in the field turkey hunters offering High Velocity and Magnum loads with shot protection by Grex buffering. $15 per box, 1600fps Goose BB's. In an effort to satisfy demand and set a new world standard for quality, R. It increases the safe usage of 12 gauge buckshot well out to 30 yards, and is great for headshots at seven to 10 yards, or a little further out in improved cylinder choke barrels. Winchester and Federal offer buckshot loads with 12 pellets of #1 buck. This helps it fly straighter and hit harder. one 12-gauge, 1/4" felt spacer to the inside Hm. Goodsteel's 10 Gauge #4 load. In fact, with shot sizes ranging from . Buckshot Data For 20 Gauge Feb 28, 2016 20:23:10 GMT -7 . Shotshell Ammunition Powder Valley is your Ammunition Superstore. 99; Hull Skiver - 10 Gauge to 20 Gauge $ 19. Winchester's shotshell ammo delivers the ultimate in perfomance and versatility for shotguns in a variety of shotgun gauge sizes and lengths including shotgun slugs and more than 110 lead-free shotshell options. tripleb's 10 gauge work . 75” 00 Buckshot 9-pellet 2) Sellier & Bellot 2. For the purposes of this demonstration I am going to load a 2 ¾” shell with 1oz of steel #3s at a published velocity of just over 1600fps from Precision Reloadings “Lightning Steel 2nd Edition. Using this method a . Rodney $10 U. What follows is a basic guide to assembling shotgun slug loads at home. I don't really care about maximum performance, I just need a general purpose buckshot load. Buckshot Myth Busting: How Today's 00 Buck 12-Gauge Gunfight: How to Win With Your Favorite Tactical Shotgun processing, and transfer of my Personal Data and Non-Personal Data (as defined in  Specially loaded to ensure proper functioning in semi-auto and pump shotguns, Hornady® #4 Buckshot provides consistent performance due to our Versatite®  The Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook, 5th Edition is the #1 source for Shotshell offered by all leading manufacturers in all gauges from . Jan 23, 2008 · -1oz. 372 in diameter. the wood id in great shape with only a small chip out of rim around the right lock which you don't see unless you get up close. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. Contains everything to replace the entire die Original Lee replacement wad guide for the 16 and 20 gauge Load-All II. We carry all of major shotgun shell brands including Hornady, Federal, Nosler, Buffalo Bore, and Barnes. They carry everything from rifled slugs to buckshot to #9 sleet loads to 3 1/2 inch steel shot magnums. co. RST manufactures both BEST GRADE 2 and 2. You'd have online load charts, and there are a LOT of 12 gauge loads readily available. # Q1544 12 Gauge Winchester Military OO BuckShot. 410 are as follows. One thing that would change is that an equivalent weight of buckshot doesn’t “nest” as dense as birdshot, so the shot column is taller. Fear & Loading: Aguila Minishell Buckshot Load. 410, but the recommended loads for a . Typically, you get eight to 10 pellets of 00 in a 2 3/4-inch shell, 11 to 13 in a 3-inch shell and up to 15 in a 3 1/2-inch shell. The shell features 9 Pellets of OO buck shot, a full power load ideal for semi automatic and pump shotguns . , 4 lb. Shot Shell Reloading Press. Fiocchi of America’s ammunition is made by shooters for shooters. Please don't get me wrong, I love to reload my own buckshot, but it is a very expensive proposition to get into and for the guys that think that they are going to save some money, forget that notion. Reputable load data Two phases of terminal ballistics testing were conducted: shooting of factory shotshells into gelatin at 10 feet distance and shooting single buckshot pellets into gelatin at 10 feet. Hornady delivers with these shells specially loaded to ensure consistent functioning in semiautomatic and pump shotguns. There is also a 4/5 ounce Foster type rifled slug load at a MV of 1600 fps from all three manufacturers. Dec 16, 2012 · Reloading Buckshot for my 20 Gauge using #3 & #4 Buck. My recent testing has me doing some more 'thinking' again American Derringer Corp. I also downloaded every page of the metallic cartridge load data for the calibers that I currently reload. 20 Gauge. My current loadout includes the herters 2 1/4 6 pellet buckshot load that I’ve heard is no longer in 12 Gauge Buckshot Shotgun Shells for sale online in our ammunition store and gun shop at discount prices. Jul 11, 2009 · Hot DAMN! 12 gauge fireballs! Sign in to follow this . These look like useful predator loads for the old 2 3/4" chambered Savage. Dead Coyote shotshells offer a varmint load ideal for taking out coyotes out to 70 yards. @memorygap420 No 00 buckshot videos, but the process is very similar. how much blue. We tested 12 gauge shotshells utilizing #4, #1 and 00 buckshot (both plated and Figure 10: Impact Velocity—Penetration depth for all tested buckshot The 00 buckshot (plated, pattern-controlled) load maintains a hit probability of 50+% out to from the timing data of the single spheres tracked by the Doppler radar unit. It's generally better. 1,200 No. 5. (10ga box of 6) BOX OF 5. Winchester Super-X Buckshot Load 12 Gauge Shotshells Hornady Superformance Buckshot The new Superformance 12-gauge load utilizes ultraprogressive propellant for extremely high velocity and is loaded to ensure proper functioning in semiauto and pump shotguns. Reduced-recoil 00 buckshot shells are often used as Pine Ridge 12 Gauge Buckshot Gold Bullet Easy Open Handheld Bottle Opener - Unique Beer Bartending Accessories and Gifts - Perfect Match To Buckshot Drink Coasters 3. dixieslugs. I’m not super familiar with the other gauges so I’m following the recommendations of Internet Armory. com A 12 gauge, 2 inch buckshot load, far left, compared to 2. We are the largest provider of all brands of shotshell ammunition because we offer great service and wholesale prices. Per 10. of Buck Shot / Slug. This particular loading package covers our most highly requested coyote load; the 10ga buckshot cartridge. That stuff will roll a deer at 60 yrds with no problem. In 11 and 10 gauge, Fg will give good results. Dec 19, 2018 · Accurate Reloading Powders Load Data. In an 8# gun, free recoil with a 1-1/8 oz load at 1200 fps is 20. 2¾”, 00 buckshot, 9 pellets. (seven No. Ballistic products lists a couple loads that call for sr4656 which I can't get my hands on. General. has come up with a revolutionary patented technology for making steel shot, and bring ISO 9002 level of quality to the industry. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. WARNING. Loading homemade flight control buckshot. I belive the load came from BPI. Visit now to place  21 Mar 2018 How are buckshot patterns affected by distance and barrel length? 1 of 10. Again I dont want to piss anyone off by telling them that there recipe is wrong- Mabey it was miss printed and the load is for 1 1/4 ounce of steel- I could see that going at Dec 21, 2009 · 1) Sellier & Bellot 2. and 8 lb. Feb 28, 2016 · Buckshot Data For 20 Gauge. Browse our selection of Shotgun Shells for every caliber and top shotguns ammunition brands. has designed a buckshot load for the . Ammo Supply Warehouse : Buckshot - Handgun Ammo Rifle Ammo Shotgun Ammo Tools Targets Gear / ASW SWAG Magazines Ammunition Cleaning & Chemicals Reloading Equipment Reloading Components Firearm Storage Shooting Accessories Optics & Accessories Firearm Parts Everything 22 TCM / 9R GIFT CERTIFICATES Ammo Supply Warehouse, Ammo, Ammunition Consequently, the 20 gauge is a handy cartridge for this purpose when loaded with buckshot. I do know if you buy shot in certain amounts they give you the data. . Winchester® Super-X Buckshot Shotshells reliably deliver maximum pellets on target for hunting at close range or home defense. But you need to test it to be sure, so go to the gun store and buy one box of every 00 buckshot load they have. For example, the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun is equal to the diameter of a 1/12-pound lead ball and a 20-gauge can fit a 1/20-pound ball. Sold in 25-round boxes for approximately $10 at Walmart. The handload consisted of a three-inch hull stuffed with a 550 grain, . A shotgun shell is a self-contained cartridge often loaded with multiple metallic " shot", which An old recipe for non-lethal round is to load shotshells with rock salt, which Thus, a 10-gauge shotgun has a larger-diameter barrel than a 12- gauge Buckshot is used for hunting medium to large game, as a tactical round for  Load Titles, Number of Loads. Not Nov 18, 2015 · For #00 buckshot in 2 3/4″ shells, there are two versions available — an 8 pellet load, and a 9 pellet load, both sold in 5 round boxes or 250 round cases. double-aught” buck load usually delivers Buck Shot Info Compiled by Mike McGreer from public information. Got home a bit early this afternoon so after I cut the grass I loaded six rounds of 2 7/8” 10 gauge with six pellets of 0000 Buck , 30 grains SR7625 , seven 9mm cases of Grex for buffer in the SP-10 wad . ) buckshot. The ammunition makers are aware of this and at least two manufacturers produce a 10 gauge buckshot load. Looking to get loaded up on 10 Gauge shotgun shells? We have everything from buck to birdshot in stock, and at the cheapest prices on the internet! 10 Gauge Shells . Load data available. My 10-gauge 1 1/4 ounce steel load I am calculating right now, Federal is selling for $40 a box of 25. 100 Results Find in stock deals for 10 Gauge Ammo from top vendors at Bulk Cheap Ammo. 7/8 is a nice load in the 12 if you want to keep recoil down and control costs somewhat. Sep 27, 2011 · This load, by the way is excellent, one of the very best law enforcement loads, and one of the tightest patterning loads I have ever shot in any shotgun. 10 Gauge Shotgun Shells for sale online in our ammunition store and gun shop at discount prices. Read the Lyman's, it has a great "how to section" and a section on slug and I don't have any data for buckshot loads. Which means more practice with my shotguns I even found that some of my best slug loads incorporated the exact same type of fold crimp used to close a typical trap load and that there was no need to make use of specialized roll crimping tools. In the field, customers rate Dead Coyote as being one of the most consistent patterning loads around. 9 out of 5 stars 34 $10. The single buckshot pellets were acquired from shotshells shot from a SAAMI 12 gauge test barrel (24” length, cylinder bore) into a cotton soft-catch box I have always suspected, too, that cramming what amounts to a 10-gauge load into a 12-gauge barrel produced poor, ragged patterns and longer shot strings that made the extra pain even less worthwhile. I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Lyman's 5th Edition Shotshell Reloading Manual. It sounds like you're new to this. Total payload weight was approximately 1-7/8 ounces making it a very potent 12 gauge load. I picked it up on Gunbroker at a excellent price. The mystery concerns Lyman data for their . 00 shot should work in stacks of 2x2, the way 000 (. 3 ft/lb. Some shotguns will shoot a very tight pattern (very little spreading of the pellets) with one brand of buckshot at a given distance while the same shotgun shooting another brand of the same size buckshot at the same distance will shoot a larger pattern. 3. So if you're shooting something 10 yards away you figure on a spread about the size of a canteloupe. ive been using the waa12r wads as they where the shortest i had. It hurts saying this but there is no longer a practical reason to buy the mighty 10. I note from www. Sportsman's Guide has your Federal Classic 10 Gauge 3 1/2" 1 3/4 oz. I wouldn't be afraid to run these in most of the semi types for a defensive load. Federal Classic, 16 Gauge, 2 3/4" 12 Pellets 1 Buck Buckshot, 5 Rounds Winchester, 16 Gauge, 2 3/4", 1 oz. posted in Reloading and Ammunition: I have a dumb question to ask. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc. 5-pound pump-action, shooting a 9-pellet 00-buckshot load (1. It is best to buy a 20 gauge shotgun instead of using a . Consider having a special rubber stamp made. Photo by Shutterstock. Sep 03, 2019 · Why? The 12 gauge generates a lot less recoil than the 10 gauge, and 2¾-inch ammo has more than enough power for defense. Photo No. I use a MEC 600 Junior Mark V 10 gauge reloading press for this shotgun shell. I have shot 1000’s of shotgun loads and still cringe when the recoil of a heavy load magnum is absorbed by my shoulder. 35. Available in 14 oz. Reloading saves you money and it's fun. Does anyone have gelatin penetration data for different 12 gauge 00 buck or slug loads besides some of the older data that has been out for a while? I would also be interested in data for some of the ruduced recoil loads in both buckshot and slugs as well. Another big saving is in recoil. The June issue of Guns Magazine lists a buckshot load in an article by C. These loads are capable of producing highly lethal   Find what you need in six easy steps. 003" extra room as opposed to . Nov 27, 2018 · So it was interesting to see the difference between the #1 and the #00. I happen to love Longshot for my shotshell hunting loads and have loaded that same #4 buck load using STS hulls. 410 to 10 gauge. This thing is no joke. Great for smaller stature people. '¢ 2¾-inch hull '¢ Eight 00 buckshot '¢ 1,510 fps velocity 10 Gauge Shotgun Ammo. Accurate’s Complete Load Guide is more of a reloading manual in PDF form than a load data tool, but that’s not necessarily a problem. If you want a more visual comparison, think about this. 001" to put more pellets in your targets. Shotgun gauge is determined by the weight of a round lead ball that is sized to fit into its barrel. I hope to be reloading 10 gauge by the end of the year so I can make the loads I used to enjoy. It's a lie. Federal is now making a load of 1 7/8 oz of lead BB in a 25 count box that sells for about $25best money that you ever spent. Although my own agency uses a reduced-recoil tactical load, I was curious to see how a full-charge load would fare in these tests. Sep 04, 2018 · For 12-gauge applications, the number of pellets depends on shot size and shell length. ) Kind of a "hands across the water" thing, to make your " piscatorial . 220". 410 gauge that should be avoided in self-defense shotguns (with 000 pellets). Buckshot is one area of the shotgun sports where you really can make a shell better than the factory can make them. 99 These rounds deliver dense, devastating patterns and massive knockdown power when the stakes are at their highest. What do you have for 28 gauge shotguns? “Super Sam” “New Generation” Steel Shot. 5 shotgun shells, as well as PREMIUM 2. Heavy Magnum ® Coyote. This round was designed for water fowl and turkey and thus is only offered in the shot loads you mention. 5 inch factory loads. Factory buffered loads are not buffered. , 20ga. 16 gauge is about . I shoot it for ducks, geese, and turkeys. Slug and Buckshot Loads Too: Data for Lyman slugs and buckshot, plus a  10 Gauge 3. Are you seeing the extra room in the loaded round with federal hulls? Federal hulls have more capacity than remington hulls and would require a different load recipe. We research the best Italian style quality and the best American innovation, to bring you amazingly high-quality products. These wads are Pre-Slit. 61 inch wide, so this is a big payload that creates a serious effect on the target at moderate range. I am a fan of low recoil buckshot in an HD situation. I know that [#00 buckshot] penetrates a little more at 10 feet in the standard test, and for us, we verified that. 10 Gauge shotgun ammo for sale cheap at Midsouth Shooters Supply. 359375 grains. A typical 12 gauge 00 buckshot shell contains nine pellets of roughly . 25 caliber, and there are 20 pellets. 009", but as long as you don't use a shot cup (and plenty of buckshot loads don't), that's no biggie. Made with the same dedication to uniformity as Hornady bullets, Hornady Buckshot is cold swaged using a lead alloy hardened with antimony to prevent deformities after firing. , 16ga. I am always able to get a lion's share of 20 gauge buckshot come September. I am not trying to be disrespectful or unhelpful but much depends on the load you are trying to duplicate, the components you can source, the hulls you plan to use, gauge / length etc. Actually, I will hop on this thread 'cause I need some BP load data for my 1887 winchester 10 gauge lever action. Apr 21, 2008 · However, the 10 gauge seems to be making a comeback in area of predator hunting- coyote, fox and feral dogs top out the list in this type of hunting. 1 pellets might require a wad made for 1 1/4 or 1 1/3 oz. 5 drams of BP for a 12 gauge shell along with 1 ounce of shot. The information displayed on this site, including ballistic data, was derived from tightly controlled laboratory conditions. Found a site that lists load data for Black Powder Shotgun Shells. Your wallet certainly won’t argue. The BPI buckshot and slug manual has a lot of data in all gauges. 357 Magnum round. From our friends at Precision Reloading comes a portion of the Nice Shot reloading data they have developed thus far for 10 Gauge loads. 663 caliber. This is for your reference only. We are not promoting any particular brand. Recently I had the opportunity to test what has to be the biggest, most powerful, factory loaded 12 gauge buckshot load ever produced. Some info on the 4-10 website says your mold is a Lyman and your website says that your slug weighs 140 grains cast of pure lead and is . I also put 10 gauge over shot wads over these just to keep the crimp relatively flat . , 12ga. Suprema “Extreme Performance Buckshot”: Made in Spain and distributed in the USA by Tula. For example use 2. buckshot, lead and no buffer listed at 10,800psi and 1500fps. The factory lists the velocity at 1,325 fps. 1oz of shot. Load Data Request. 75 shotgun shells that offer the widest range of loadings for classic and older guns for shooters seeking low pressure and high performance with reduced recoil. Tools and materials required. S. Then select your shell, load type, shot weight, powder manufacturer and  Chuck Hawks writes about the 10 gauge shotgun. Some boxes are labeled as “Tactical Law Enforcement” and others say “Personal Defense”, but the ammo inside is identical. 3 buckshot is . the most important of which is a source of reliable load data. Use at your own risk. Brands include Aguila, Hornady and Winchester. 99 $ 10 . Thanks to ringbill for his data from a Winchester Super X2 and a I had to make some load adjustments to see what worked the best All loads were fired from a 12-gauge shotgun with an improved cylinder choke. The shell casing has blackened brass (steel) and an OD green hull, marked 9 PEL OO BUCK. Nov 22, 2019 · Loading homemade flight control buckshot. 38 caliber for four-ought buck with velocities ranging from 1,100 to 1,600 feet per second, the 20 gauge buckshot load makes quite an effective deer hunting cartridge at moderate ranges. In fact, I’ll argue that the 20-gauge is once again a perfectly reasonable choice for the duck blind. At this time I don't have any kind of reloading stuff for a shotgun just rifles but I'm interested in getting setup for reloading my own 10 gauge shells anybody have any good advice for what all I would need to load up some coyote loads for my gun. Standardization in gauges was not practiced much at the 28 gauge wrote:Its like wj says,no factory 28 gauge buchshot loads available that I know of. , Super-X Game Loads, 25 Rounds · Quick View. 4-10. Slugs 5 rounds available at a great price in our 10 Gauge Shells collection 10 Gauge ammo shotgun 4 shot AmmoSeek. Sportsman's Guide has the best ammo prices on 10 Gauge Shotgun Shells. Jun 05, 2013 · The Hodgdon-Winchester-IMR website only shows buckshot loads for Win 209 primers. Diameter . You can write your load data right on the over shot wad. 10 Gauge (Lyman Buckshot Data): 3 1/2 inches Federal Plastic Cases with Paper Basewad, Fold Crimp, 12. At $40/ bag of 25# shot, a 25 round box of 7/8 oz shot shells saves 67¢ and the lower amount of powder needed saves another 10¢. 40 Yds. 410 slug and I am hoping you can clear up a mystery for me. 4 buckshot and four No. No velocity advertised, but testing in the following video averages 1300 FPS. The uniform lead pellets are packed in a poly-buffering compound to minimize deformation for tight patterns and devastating knockdown power. loads. If you shoot a lot of ammo it only makes sense to reload your own. #47 buffer is a good one but you simply must learn to apply the stuff to the load in the right way. 60 caliber hard cast, 315 grain lead balls in each shell! Nov 05, 2019 · Most slug data I’ve seen have slugs penetrating anywhere from 20” to 40+”. Choose which shot (10ga & 20ga box of 12) BOX OF 10. 410 Gauge. Precision Reloading/B&P International Supersonic Steel Shot Wads. 5 inch 12 gauge can do the same job cheaper and just as well. 99 Jul 12, 2015 · 12 Ga 00 Buckshot Load Data Have some 00 buck shot, blue dot powder, and WAA12 wads. It is all cosmetic. In the ammunition section of the boards there is posted load data for a handloaded 28 gauge buckshot load. Aug 12, 2015 · 12 Gauge 00 Buckshot Load Data @memorygap420 No 00 buckshot videos, but the process is very similar. Loaded to 1,300 fps with 1½ ounces of nickel plated Feb 16, 2013 · My 16ga reloading over the last few years has basically been limited to Remington hulls, because they were readily available and cheap when I bought and shot Remington Game Load ammunition from a local big box retailer. The 10-gauge size allows for the shot to be stacked uniformly side by side, two on two. Compare to $40 or $50 for a box of 10!!! That's $100 to $125 for 25 shells. Watching the "fire" flare up a couple feet from the barrel is pretty fun and I don't mind the recoil. Your one stop ammo shop for all ammo needs. Never use this data for powders that may have similar numerical desig-nations! HANDGUN The handgun section contains loads for the more popular handgun cartridges utilizing the handloading components commercially avail-able at the time our tests were conducted. The 10 gauge is one of the most powerful shoulder fired weapons out there, and when loaded with buckshot is capable of hunting most game in North America, or being a very powerful self-defense load. The Mighty 10 Gauge, History and Development: This section describes the history and development of the 10 gauge, its place in history and in the field today. Thanks for all the help guys. They have one listed with 27gr. Load Data: The extensive load data section includes the latest loads from our lab as well as old favorites for 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and . 10 Gauge 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge 410 Gauge Firearms General 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge 410 Turkey Upland Game Waterfowl Large Game Bragging Rights! Classified Suggestion; Members Classifieds Handloading Load Data TSS Turkey Loads Waterfowl Steel X TSS Steel Jul 02, 2019 · Up til now, we’ve focused on the 12 gauge, which is by far the most popular. We securely accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Interac E-Transfer (EMT). Jul 25, 2016 · And good luck. A 2-3/4-inch 12 gauge buckshot load, like the Federal Premium we’re discussing here, contains nine buckshot pellets. Each shotshell features a weather-resistant crimp. We are pleased to announce our “New Generation” Steel Shot. I’ll try and get the buckshot data I have scanned this week. Hornady ® Heavy Magnum ® Coyote loads deliver lethal results and minimal pelt damage out to 50 yards. 5” cylinder bore (no choke) barrel. 1 shows the results of a Hornady Critical Defense load of eight 00 buckshot pellets. The powder manufacturers all publish load data in PDF format that can be. I was These rounds deliver dense, devastating patterns and massive knockdown power when the stakes are at their highest. , 28ga. 16 each which is cheaper than shot loads as I making the buckshot for cost of my time, and FAR cheaper than factory buckshot. Versatite™ wad technology ensures tight patterns without modification to your gun. The majority of factory made reproduction muzzle loading shotguns produced today will either be 20 or 12 gauge with a few 10 gauge guns available. Winchester and Federal offer 10 gauge buckshot loads with size 00 Buck (18 pellets). But I don't recall off the top of my head which wad, and, or, if the use of any cards is needed with it. May 10, 2017 · Here is my data tested from 20" slug barrel 12 Gauge 2 ¾” #00 Buck Shot Federal Plastic using Remington RP12 Wad #00 - 10 BuckShot stacked two x two weight 1. by all leading manufacturers in all gauges from . Loads of 12-gauge 00 buckshot are commonly available in cartridges holding from 8 (eight) to 18 (eighteen) pellets in standard shell lengths ( 2 3 ⁄ 4 inches, 3 inches, and 3 1 ⁄ 2). Only a little buffer makes it into the shot. 10. Buckshot manual: 10/26/2017: This manual has great info if you are going to reload buckshot. Tungsten Super Shots General Forums Introductions Vendors General Handloading General and Beginners Information TSS ITX ITX13 Hevi-shot Steel Lead Cartridge Handloading supplies Patterns 10 Gauge 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge 410 Gauge Firearms General 12 Gauge 16 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge 410 Turkey Upland Game Waterfowl Large Game These represent the traditional 16 gauge upland game loads. I shot this 10-gauge with weaker ammo not a problem. Thus, FFg is considered best for 28, 24 and 20 gauge, and most people include 12 gauge in this group. denser for longer ranges that it’s also used in buckshot and waterfowl loads. These make the 10 gauge a fearsome, if clumsy, home defense gun, shades of the old Wells Fargo days! DATA (12 GUAGE HUNTING) Compiled By Uncle Dave’s Enterprise Updated 09/10/2007 . Looking to get loaded up on the 12 Gauge shotgun shells you need? We have everything from buck to birdshot, even that 3" buckshot you want cheap! Apr 01, 2011 · The Winchester PDX1 combo slug/buckshot load provides officers with the flexibility of both types of shotgun loads in a single hull. 410 bore is equivalent to a (hypothetical) 67-gauge. 40 per round. That's the time to stock up if you use it for any other reason. Weak caliber…even with slugs. In Stock Lee #00 Buckshot Mold, 18 cavity. Hornady uses a strict roundness tolerance of +. 2 buckshot, you have a 29-grain buckshot at about . 10 gauge buckshot load data

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